Additive Manufacturing Workshop

Title: Additive Manufacturing: State of the Art Processes, RF/Microwave Research, and Potential Impact

Date: Monday afternoon, April 9, 2018.

Abstract: State of the art tools and processes for additive manufacturing (AM) continue to expand the boundaries of what is achievable in terms of feature resolution, part complexity and system functionality. These capability advances make additive manufacturing increasingly important to RF/microwave applications, with performance that is on par with conventional hybrid and monolithic circuits but also enabling significantly greater versatility in form-factor.

This workshop will provide an introduction to the current best-in-class additive manufacturing approaches, and several examples of how AM is being used for microwave circuit and antenna fabrication. Perspectives on the importance and future impact of AM in the defense electronics and aerospace industries will also be discussed.


  • Paul Deffenbaugh, Ph.D., Manager of R&D, Engineering, and Software, nScrypt Inc.
  • Alkim Akyurtlu, Ph.D., Professor, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
  • Tom Weller, Ph.D., Professor, University of South Florida and Gokhan Mumcu, Ph.D.,
    Associate Professor, University of South Florida
  • Mark Mirotznik, Ph.D., Professor, University of Delaware
  • Emily Heckman, Ph.D., Senior Electronics Research Engineer, Air Force Research Lab.