Plenary Speaker

FPODr. William Chappell, Director of Microsystems Technology Office, DARPA

Bio: Dr. William Chappell is director of the Microsystems Technology Office (MTO). Serving in this position since June 2014, he has focused the office on three key thrusts important to national security.

These thrusts include ensuring unfettered use of the electromagnetic spectrum, building an alternative business model for acquiring advanced DoD electronics that feature built-in trust, and developing circuit architectures for next-generation machine learning. MTO creates the MEMS, photonic, and electronic components needed to gracefully bridge the divide between the physical world in which we live and the digital realm where our information resides.

Title: The Future of Intelligent Radio

Abstract: DARPA has often run challenges and programs exploring isolated autonomy, where a system can ascertain the surrounding environment and compete a task on its own. As autonomy proliferates, the further question is how will independently trained and autonomous systems work together as a collective, or ensemble autonomy. During the talk, we will explore the recently run Darpa Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, or SC2.

We will interpret the results of the first phase of our exploration of ensemble autonomy where we used collaborative sharing of the spectrum as the medium of cooperation. Many independently trained or programmed systems had to gracefully interact and the capabilities/limits of what is possible today started to emerge. We will discuss this progress as well as the associated RF hardware allowing for radios to have the needed intelligence.