General Chair Message

As General Chair, I invite you to participate in the 2020 IEEE MTT-S Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference we affectionately call WAMICON. This year's WAMICON will be held at the Marriot Sand Key in Clearwater Beach, Florida Wednesday April 15th through Friday April 17th 2020. This will be the 21st consecutive Wireless and Microwave Conference held in Florida. WAMICON started life as an outcome of industry-academic exchange between the University of South Florida (USF) Electrical Engineering Department's Center for Wireless and Microwave Information Systems (WAMI Center) and companies involved in microwave and wireless engineering.

The first "conference" was held in February 1999 at the Embassy Suites adjacent to the USF campus. That conference with its small 50, or so, attendees has blossomed over the years into an IEEE MTT-S sponsored annual international conference earning generous support from academia and industry. What started from the "friends and family of USF" has grown to a worldwide network of industry and academia now the "Friends and family of WAMICON".

Now more than 20 years later, the conference is still going strong and we expect upwards of 200 attendees and an exciting technical program featuring keynote and plenary speakers from leaders in the area of simulated-driven design for upcoming developments in the field of wireless and microwave engineering, a panel with government, academia, and industry representatives, tutorial sessions on fundamentals of simulation technologies, and an IEEE Young Professionals event. WAMICON would not be nearly as successful as it has turned out to be without active industry involvement, and this year is no different. The industry exhibit has been growing of late and the plans for this year's exhibit are aimed towards increasing the interaction between the audience and the industry representatives.

On behalf of the WAMICON 2020 Steering Committee, we would like to extend a warm welcome to participate in the 21st Wireless and Microwave Conference at the Cocoa Beach.

Quenton Bonds
General Chair, WAMICON 2020

Xiaoguang Liu
Vice Chair, WAMICON 2020